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BorgWarner offers highly modular single spark ignition coils

August 24, 2022

    According to foreign media reports, BorgWarner provides highly modular 90mj single spark ignition coil for m260 and m264 four cylinder gasoline engines. The above equipment is positioned in the European and Chinese markets.
BorgWarner's ignition technology has been proven to provide reliable solutions for Daimler's 48V motor platform. The system is durable and highly modular. This is the latest ignition technology in the BorgWarner product series, which can improve fuel economy and performance while reducing exhaust emissions.
Joe fadool, President and general manager of Emissions & thermal systems of BorgWarner, said: "BorgWarner's advanced ignition technology has been used in many Daimler engines to provide high ignition energy Thereby achieving maximum efficiency. As a leader in the field of clean and efficient technical solutions for diesel locomotives, hybrid cars and electric vehicles, BorgWarner is happy to optimize its internal combustion engines for its users to meet increasingly stringent emission regulations and improve the driving experience. "
BorgWarner's single spark ignition coil can convert the battery from low voltage to high voltage to complete its ignition operation. The feature of this product is that its bi-directional interface is equipped with an electronic control device, and its ignition coil can send diagnostic information to the engine control unit to optimize the combustion process.
In order to provide customized solutions for diesel locomotives and hybrid cars, BorgWarner's ignition coils can be used for various gasoline engines.