Isuzu 4BD1T 4BG1 UM4BD1 Main Engine Bearing , Connecting Rod Bearing 5-11510-054

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hanker
Model Number: Isuzu 4BD1 4BG1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: customary packing
Delivery Time: 3-7 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10000 set per month
Part No.: 8-94132-813 Material: Aluminum And Copper
Engine: 4BD1T UM4BD1 4BD2 4BG1 Package: 1 Set In One Box
Stock: Available Warranty: 10000 Kilo Meters
Gross Weight: 1kgs
High Light:





UM4BD1 Main Engine Bearing

Isuzu 4BD1T 4BG1 UM4BD1 Main engine bearing and connecting rod bearing

5-11510-054 M178H R168H1



4BD1 4BD1-T


5-11510-054 M178H M4640K   main bearing 9/1
5-11510-064 M190H M4641K MS-1604GP main bearing 9/1
8-94132-813   M4637A   main bearing 8/2
9-12271-608 R168H1 R4634K CB-1603GP con rod bearing 8
1-11680-001 T173H T428K* TW-1155GP Thrust Washer 2/2
8-94114-565 T173H T427A TW-1155GP Thrust Washer 2/2
9-11611-048 C177L C434A1 SH-1163B camshaft bearing 1/2
1-12251-027 P168H P434L PB-1163J piston pin bushing 4

We supply full range of Isuzu engine bearing with brand NDC Taiho ,daido. cummins ,isuzu,hino etc. All crankshaft bearing and conrod  bearing are produced according to genuine one.

Our replacement parts were exported world wide.For its stable and good quality,we never get complaints from clients.
About 4BD1 4BG1 engine bearing ,we always have stock for it. And we supply related overhaul repair engine parts for  this engine
· Piston Ring ,Cyliner liner, Piston pin,Clips
· Cylinder head ,Block
· Oil pump, Water pump
· Engine valve, Guide and Seat

· Camshaft
· Connecting rod
· Injector sleeve
· Rocker arm
· Head gasket, Full gasket set

· Crankshaft
· Crankshaft bearing, connecting rod bearing,thrust washer,camshaft bearing,connecting rod bushing

Isuzu engine bearing model:

Engine Model Part No. TAIHO


C190 C223 C223-T

5-11510-020 M153H M4532K MS-1138GP
5-11510-036 M183H M4536A MS-1605GP
5-12271-005 R160H R4536A CB-1070GP
9-11581-048 T157H T4650A TW-1622GP
9-11610-602 C160L1 C525A SH-1070B
5-11610-002 C160L1 C535A SH-1605B
9-12251-062 P160H P526L PB-1070J
5-12251-005   P535L PB-1605J
8-94118-825   P534L  
C221,C240 5-11510-021 M160H2 M4525K MS-1610GP
5-12271-005 R160H R4536K CB-1070GP
9-11581-057 T160H T4651A TW-1070GP
9-11610-032 C153L C525A SH-1070B
5-11610-002 C160L1 C535A SH-1605B
9-12251-061 P157H P503L PB-1033J
9-12251-062 P160H P526L PB-1070J
5-12251-005   P535L PB-1605J
C330 5-11510-002 M168H M4634K MS-1628GP
8-94153-512   M4654K  
9-12271-608 R168H R4634K CB-1603GP
9-11585-065 T169H T433K* TW-1100GP
9-11685-601 T168H T434K* TW-1129GP
9-11691-048 C168L C528A1 SH-1100B
9-11691-048 C177L C434A1 SH-1163B
9-12251-059 P170H P528L PB-1100J
5-12251-010 P177H P529L PB-1129J

9-11510-136 M155H M4007K MS-1052GP
9-12271-146 R155H R4007K CB-1052GP
9-11510-109 M154H    
9-11510-189 M151H M4008K  
9-12271-204 R151H R4008K  
9-11515-170 T155H T407K TW-1052GP
9-12251-084   P407L PB-1052J
E120 E120H E120-T 1-11510-033 M167H2 M4035K MS-1154GP
1-12271-023 R167H1 R4035K CB-1154GP
9-11515-216 T167H T4035K TW-1102GP
9-12251-088 P167H P435L PB-1154J
4BE1 4BE2
5-11510-002 M168H M4634K MS-1628GP
5-11510-051   M4632K MS-1163GP
5-11510-065   M4654K  
8-94114-564 M177H1 M4631K MS-1603GP
9-12271-608 R168H1 R4634K CB-1603GP
9-11585-601 T168H T434K* TW-1129GP
8-94114-565 T173H T427A TW-1155GP
5-87810-017 C168L C528A1 SH-1100B
9-11611-048 C177L C434A1 SH-1163B
9-12251-059 P170H P528L PB-1100J
1-12251-027 P168H P434L PB-1163J
5-12251-010 P177H P529L PB-1129J

4BD1 4BD1-T


5-11510-054 M178H M4640K  
5-11510-064 M190H M4641K MS-1604GP
8-94132-813   M4637A  
9-12271-608 R168H1 R4634K CB-1603GP
1-11680-001 T173H T428K* TW-1155GP
8-94114-565 T173H T427A TW-1155GP
9-11611-048 C177L C434A1 SH-1163B
1-12251-027 P168H P434L PB-1163J
4EC1 4EC1-T


8-94151-600 M187A M4540A MS-1624GP
8-94314-253/255 R187A R4540A CB-1624A
8-94154-014 M194A M4541A MS-1625GP
8-94381-678/680 R187A R4540A CB-1624A
8-94321-611 T187A T4541A TW-1625A TW-1624GP
8-94321-679-0   T4544A TW-1626A
8-94251-216 P187H P540L PB-1624J
8-94114-054   P541L PB-1625J
8-94369-904   P4544L PB-1636J
4HF1 4HG1 4HJ1

8-97045-915 M801H M4547K MS-1631GP
8-97045-800/1 R801H R4547K CB-1631GP
8-97131-186   R4002K CB-1640GP
8-94396-980 T801A T4547A TW-1631A
8-94363-380 C801A1 C4547A SH-1631A
8-97112-638   C4548A SH-1640A
1-12251-036 P801H P4547L PB-1631J
8-94394-613   P4548L  

6HE1 6HH1

8-94393-327 M802H M4000K MS-1632GP
8-97045-800/1 R802H R4000K CB-1632GP
8-97131-186   R4005K CB-1639GP
8-94396-980 T801A T4547A TW-1631A
8-94363-380   C4000A SH-1632A
8-94390-311   C4005K  
1-12251-036   P4000L PB-1632J
8-94394-613   P4005L  
4JA1 UM4JA1 4JC1 4JD1 4JE1 4JF1 D201 8-94168-553 M184A1 M4650A MS-1622GP
8-94125-747 R184A1 R4650A CB-1622GP
8-94168-555 T184A T4650A TW-1622A
8-94168-556 C184A1 C4650A SH-1622B
8-94247-968 P184H1 P450L PB-1622J
4JB1 4JB1-T UM4JB1 4JG2 8-94168-552 M185A M4651A MS-1623GP
8-94125-747 R184A1 R4650A CB-1622GP
8-94453-520 T185A T4651A TW-1070GP
8-94168-556 C184A1 C4650A SH-1622B
8-94247-968 P184H1 P450L PB-1622J
8-84457-158   P4651L PB-1623J
4ZA1 4ZB1 4ZB1-T 4ZC1 4ZC1-T 4ZD1 8-94251-263 M172H M5022A MS-1620GP
8-94414-305/306 R171H R522A CB-1620GP
8-94251-265 T171A1 T521A TW-1616A
4ZE1 8-94446-580/582 M197A M5523A MS-1627GP
8-94440-093/095 R172A1 R523A CB-1627GP
8-94251-265 T171A1 T521A TW-1616A


We also supply Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan,Komatsu,Hino,Cummins, , Hyundai,Deutz,Steyr engine main bearing and connecting rod bearing,thrust washer ,connecting rod bushing and camshaft bearing with high quality and fast delivery time.

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Please check  4BD1 4BG1 main bearing and connecting rod photos as below:


Isuzu 4BD1T 4BG1 UM4BD1 Main Engine Bearing , Connecting Rod Bearing 5-11510-054 0Isuzu 4BD1T 4BG1 UM4BD1 Main Engine Bearing , Connecting Rod Bearing 5-11510-054 1Isuzu 4BD1T 4BG1 UM4BD1 Main Engine Bearing , Connecting Rod Bearing 5-11510-054 2

Q1. How can I get the price
A.Please feel free to contact us ,and provide brand, engine model, OEM NO. quantity ,etc.
Q2. What is your terms of packing?
A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
Q3. What is your sample policy?
A: We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and the courier cost.
Q4. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery
Q5: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
A:1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;
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